Aggies Staircase Fell Race.

June 20, 2016

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This race took place on 16th June 2016 and was a counter for the Preston Harriers fell championship and also the inter-club fell series.There was a good turnout with the male runners but once again female runners were low in number.On the night a waterproof top was optional but perhaps full body cover should have been advised due to the midge invasion.


Why run on a nice smooth surface when you can run over rocks instead.


5th.Richard Smith. 30.55.

8th.Jon Green.         32.00.

17th.John Rainford. 33.43

23rd.Alex Waddalove.34.53

25th.Katy Foster. 34.55. First Lady.

36th.John Bradley.36.28

48th.Chris Wales.37.25.

49th.Mark Lee.  37.25

69th.Alan Martin. 39.23

83rd.Alan Appleby.  41.16.

87th.Jim Doherty.    41.36

91st.Mick McLoughlin. 42.09

106th.Pete Carter. 43.58.

119th.Vicky Sherrington.  46.35.

131st. Peter McDermott.50.34.

133rd.Melanie Haworth. 50.59.

145th.George Arnold.1.04.19.

Sorry Richard you were going to fast for photo.







Curry Run (1) 3/5/16

May 9, 2016

Curry Run 1 2016
Postion Name Cat Time
1 Jon Green m 00:53:38
2 Roger Taylor m 01:02:27
3 Mike Burnham m 01:02:47
4 Alan Martin m 01:04:14
5 Roy Parkinson m 01:04:14
6 Josie Greenhalgh f 01:06:25
7 Mick Mac m 01:09:01
8 Pete Carter m 01:11:25
9 Jim Doherty m 01:13:24
Next Run 14th JUNE

Curry Run 9/6/15 (2)

June 25, 2015

Curry Run 2
Postion Name Cat Time
1 Jon Green M              00:49:45
2 Tony Marlow M        00:58:35
3 Albert Sunter M        01:00:57
4 John Bradley M        01:01:30
5 Peter Carter M          01:04:18
6 Josie Greenhalgh F  01:04:30
7 Lindsey Berends F   01:04:44
8 Mick Mac M              01:06:35
9 Roy Parkinson M     01:08:55
10 Jim Doherty M       01:09:57
11 Ian Charters M        01:13:42
12 Tony Varley M        01:22:25
13 Alan Martin M         DNF

Next Run 7th July
6:45 pm start for everyone !!
as they stop orders for food 8:30pm
late arrivals WILL still get timed

Curry Run 12thMay (1)

May 18, 2015

Results for Curry Run.
Postion Name Cat Time
1 John Rainy m 00:57:23
2Tony Marlow m 00:59:14
3 Alan Martin m 01:05:46
4 Roy Parkinson m 01:05:46
5 Mick Mac m 01:06:33
6 Mick Burnham m 01:07:03
7 Gordon Thompson m 01:09:14
8 Peter Carter m 01:10:44
9 Jim Doherty m 01:11:05
10 Ian Charter m 01:14:44
11Hiedi Atkins F 01:22:07
12 Dave Muncaster m 01:22:07

Interclub fell races 2015

April 22, 2015

Date Race/Event
Wed 27th May

Harrock Hill – Farmers Arms, Bispham Green, L40 3SL – same as for Parbold Hill race – £4 on the
night – 7.30pm – 8.4k/275m

Sat 20th June
47th Great Hill Race- Festival field, Brinscall – part of the Brinscall Festival – 9.3k and 480m of
climb. Road, stoney track and moorland to Great Hill – pre-entry £4 (entry forms at or
£6 on the day

Tues 7th July

20 Barriers – Carnforth High School – 7pm – 8k/160m

Sat 15th Aug

Darwen Gala Catherine Dowdall Memorial – 1.30pm – 7.5k/283m – £5 entry on the day






Black Coombe Fell Race

March 16, 2015


Black Combe. AM. 13km/1000m.

After Bleasdale Circle’s gently slopes our second championship race brought us to some proper hills for this belter of a race, sadly only five harriers to enjoy them. A large field of 213 runners sped from the start line but this time I started slowly knowing what was to come. We crossed three small fields to reach the first short steep climb to c.p.1 on Seaness then head to the walkers path for the long gradual climb to c.p2 on Black Combe which I ran a bit, walked a bit to reach the top. At this stage I was running in a small group, taking turns to overtake each other as we headed on fast paths slightly down hill to the turning point in very bogy ground. Then back on nice grassy paths for a fast run able section to the c.p at White Combe. A short steep descent to the ruined hay rack in the coll before turning sharp right for a mad dash down the side of the valley to the stream junction c.p. Here I managed to get in front of our group as I jumped the stream to begin the final climb, and what a climb it is especially on tired legs. The only thing to do is hands on knees, head down and keep plodding away. The group were now back together as we headed up. From the split times this climb of just over one mile took me 29 mins and 30 secs. By the top our group had split up and it was everyone for themselves on the long descent to the finish. If you get the racing line right you fly down, a quick compass bearing 207* and we are off, the runners in front going too far right as they followed the ones in front. Its short heather interspersed with grass patches as we run flat out. We soon pop back on to the walker’s path in front of the runners who went right and continued our downward plunge to the finish. Shortly after hitting the path three runners went left to descend the left side of the valley and I was tempted to follow but resisted sticking to the main path. As we neared the finished these runner gained on us, so next time it’s that side for the descent. Finally into the finish field and across the line after an exhilarating descent which took me 13 mins 9 secs to cover over a mile. The winner took 9 mins. Well done Andrew in his first Lakes race and he picked a classic. We were then feed with pies and all the tea you could drink for a £7 entry fee.


1st Rob Jebb, 1.09.14.

29th Andrew Newton, 1.22.23.

61st John Rainford, 1.29.16.

62nd Dave Parkington, 1.30.05.

133rd Mick McLoughlin, 1.45.27.

189th Pete Carter, 2.01.37.

213 ran and finished.





UKA British Fell and Hill Relay.

November 14, 2014

UKA British Fell and Hill Relay Championship 2014

Middleton Fells. East Cumbria

19th October 2014

This years’ relay covered the relatively unexplored area of Middleton Fells located between Barbon (just past Kirby Lonsdale) and Sedbergh and provided an opportunity to explore new running ground.

Mick Mac asked early in the year if I would take on the task of organising two teams, an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ team. All seemed straight forward to begin with and I had a full complement of runners plus reserves. However, as time drew closer to the relays a number of runners had to withdraw due to injury and other reasons and we ended up losing half the ‘A’ team at one point. Anyway, after using all the reserves and offers from Andrew Newton and Dave Large to run we had two complete teams on the day of the relay – thankfully!

Pete C, Dave Large, Mike Mac and myself set off to the relays thinking we had plenty of time, only to hear the announcement asking for Preston Harriers ‘A’ team and one other team to collect their numbers. Every other team had already collected there numbers! We duly collected these and Dave Large hurriedly got changed to go through to kit check and to the starting ring were he joined Alan Appleby who was running for the ‘B’ team. At this point I realised I had left my camera and dashed back to the car only to end up missing the start!


Leg 1: A Team: Dave Large

Many thanks to Dave for stepping in to run Leg 1 at the last minute – though I’m sure Dave regretted this when his cold worsened on Monday after being out all day in the cold!


Leg 1: B Team Alan Appleby

Alan Appleby had an excellent run and was first back on Leg 1 which covered ~5miles and handed over to ‘Alan Martin and Roy Parkinson’. Dave Large wasn’t far behind who handed over to ‘Dave Parkington and Andrew Newton’. Leg 2 is the most challenging of the four legs in terms of distance and ascent and covers ~10miles.


Leg 2: A team Dave Parkinson and Andrew Newton

Both Dave and Andrew and Roy and Alan had great runs with Dave and Andrew managing to catch Roy and Alan who had a five minute head start.


Leg 2: B Team. Roy Parkinson and Alan Martin

After a fairly relaxing day it was time for Pete C and me to do our bit. Neither of us could decide whether to wait in the holding pens with our jackets on or off but before we knew it we could see Alan and Roy descending down the hill towards us. I then had a battle with my jacket trying to get it off and stuffed in my bag before we set off.

Leg 3 differs from the Legs 1, 2 and 4 in that no map is provided prior to the race to enable you to reccie and plan your route. The map for Leg 3 is only given after you have started meaning good navigational skills are required to enable you to find all the check points, particularly in poor visibility.

My navigational skills have never been great. Therefore, it was down to Pete C to get us both round in good time. I’d been suffering with a cold on and off for a couple of weeks and didn’t feel great myself when we set off. I thought I might be ok once I got going but I ended up struggling from start to finish – though thankfully I didn’t slow us down too much. The weather was mainly kind to us, given the forecast was for heavy rain and strong winds, apart from on higher ground were the wind really picked up. I remember at one point trying to run downhill and the wind was blowing me back up the hill.


Leg 3: A Team. John Rainford and John Griffiths

We collected our maps just past the first gate then had a steady climb while we tried to work out our route. We picked off the first two checkpoints relatively easily with these being mainly on good footpaths. I was conscious that we were losing places but couldn’t push any harder so decided to just settle on the pace I was going at. The most challenging checkpoint proved to be checkpoint 3 which was located right of a main footpath following a wall to the left. This seem to catch quite a few teams out and unfortunately this included our A team runners John Rainford and John Griffiths. Luckily Pete C spotted this and we dropped to the right and found CP3 straight away. After this checkpoint it was slog along a good path which gradually climbed into ever windy conditions followed by nice downhill running through boggy ground down to a stream followed by one last climb and a long descent to the finish. Approaching the finish, I was desperately hanging onto Pete C and then we had to do a loop of the finishing field which had a slight incline. I think I must have been going slower and slower and Pete C ended up literally pushing me all the way to the finish!

Both John Griffiths and John Rainford thought they had visited all the checkpoints and it wasn’t until the day after when I noticed that the A team had been disqualified which lead to conversations between John G and Pete C regarding the location of CP3 did John G admit that he may have missed that one. I think that Bob Alexandra trophy is heading your way John G….. (though if I was navigating I definitely wouldn’t have found it either or probably the others….)


Leg 2: B Team: Pete Carter and Lindsey Berends

Both Mike Burnham and Jim Doherty had strong runs and fortunately Pete C and myself managed to get back before the mass start for Leg 4 giving Jim a chance to run without being surrounded by the masses.


Leg 4: A Team: Mike Burnham


Leg 4: B team: Jim Doherty

A great day was had by all and thanks to Mick Mac for the support and photos and to everyone who ran.


In total a 187 finished with 26 teams not finishing or disqualified due to missing checkpoints on Leg 3 which unfortunately included our A team.

1st Dark Peak Total Time 3h 43mins 55 secs

129th Preston Harriers B team Total Time 5h 24mins 11secs

A team

Leg 1 Alan Appleby Position 156th Time: 58mins 01secs

Leg 2 David Parkington & Andrew Newton Position 92nd Time 1h 41mins 57secs

Leg 3 John Griffiths & John Rainford (Disqualified)

Leg 4 Mike Burnham Position 146th Time 1h 02mins 54secs

B team

Leg 1 Dave Large Position 186th Time 1h 03mins 01 secs

Leg 2 Roy Parkinson & Alan Martin Position 114th Time: 1h 48mins 11secs

Leg 3 Pete Carter & Lindsey Berends Position 152nd Time 1h 34mins 0 sec

Leg 4 Jim Doherty Position 156th Time 1h 03mins 44secs


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